What is Aki Monogatari?

Born in fall 2015, from there takes its name “Aki” (fall: 秋) “Monogatari” (tale, legend: 物語) trying to express deeply japanese spirit, as seasons are essential to the japanese way of feeling and, at the same time, folklore tales give Japan its unique traditional beliefs. Aki Monogatari is a place for diffusion, analysis and contemplation of japanese culture, everything from an occidental perspective, particularly spanish. We write about japanese thinking.

What is our motivation?

First of all, enjoy while creating content about our greatest passion: japanese culture. At the same time, encourage the community between japanese and foreign societies, contribute in diffusion and artistic creation. We want to extend the information boundaries about the land of the rising Sun. Because globalization must be cultural too. We started as an spanish blog, but now we are sharing our content in English as well.

What kind of contents?

We want to create timeless content, which has to be always interesting or useful. Generally, we will not publish news nor release dates. In some way, we want to create something like an encyclopedia about japanese culture, keeping some space for opinion and creativity. Our articles are often short, but they are not superficial: we want to talk about subjects in a brief, straightforward way. Likewise, we love to have any short story, short film or illustration with japanese origin or essence.

Who we are

Unlike the trendings of our age, when personal egos make the point, we bet for our representation as an idea. We don’t want Aki Monogatari to be strictly associated with names, we prefer to be known under our slogan “Japanese thinking”, which defines our spirit. However it is completely unavoidable, and of course there are people behind this, so you can work with us. If you want to contact us, send an email here.

How to contribute

If you want to contribute economically, you will help us with montly expenses and motivate us as content-creators and culture-diffusors. You can send us a donation from here. Tell us why you want to help, we would love to know you. ¡Thank you!